Medway Café is a reputed and exclusive coffee corner for coffee lovers of Gillingham area. Backed by 10 years of experience in coffee making industry, we make varieties of coffee such as filter coffee, cappuccino, espresso, cold coffee and the list extends, a real coffee lover would know the rest. Before we serve our coffee on your table, we add top and superior quality ingredients (be it the coffee powder or milk we use) and prepare it using our brilliant method that gives you a rich taste, when you take your first sip and you would definitely want to taste it again and again!


Our coffee shop offers you rich ambiance like that of a starred restaurant and you can set your personal or official meetings here. While you taste our enriched yummy coffee, you can understand people better and you can also have your beautiful time spent efficiently. You can celebrate the most important events with us. We encourage our new visitors to experience the extraordinary taste of our coffee and get addicted to it forever! 


We aim to provide customer friendly and quality service. We are proud to say that we operate with the policy of "Customer-satisfaction first". Based on our regular customer's taste, we have expanded our coffee menu to serve English breakfast, Mediterranean breakfast, lunch, dinners, homemade dishes, pastries, pies, sandwiches, burgers, desserts, salads, etc.


Plan your coffee delight!


You can plan your visit from Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 6 pm and spend your valuable time with your loved ones. Please be noted, we don't work on Sundays and on Government holidays.


Your feedback is very important for us to improve in our business. Please don't forget to leave your feedback.